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    Aussie Deals: Back to School Game Storage Specials, Cut-Price AAAs, and More!

    Schooling has resumed, and this represents a rare opportunity for the savvy among you. A ton of discounts on HDDs, SSDs and MicroSDs will let you make noises about needing to "grab some extra space for your work/school PC," while the going's good. Then, when term 4 wraps in no time, redistribute...
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    Netflix Just Acquired the Award-Winning Studio Behind Oxenfree

    Netflix big foray into games is now underway in earnest, and one of its first major acquisitions is a darling from the indie space. In a blog post on its official site, Night School Studio announced it would be bringing its adventure game expertise to the streaming service."Night School...
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    Aussie Deals: Kick off the School Holidays by Saving Tons!

    School holidays are here! Whether that's a good thing or not depends greatly upon your point of view. Obviously it's a golden time to unwind for students. It's also a waking nightmare for caregivers and parents who now have no way to keep the youngins amused. Enter: the wide selection of gaming...
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    Old School FPS Ion Maiden Changes Name After Iron Maiden File Lawsuit

    You may remember back in May when we wrote about the standoff between 3D Realms and metal band Iron Maiden over the studio’s upcoming game, Ion Maiden.The post Old School FPS Ion Maiden Changes Name After Iron Maiden File Lawsuit appeared first on Green Man Gaming Blog.Continue reading...