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    Killer Instinct Pro Series Arcade Is Arcade1Up's First Full-Sized Cabinet

    If your home arcade is lacking a classic fighting game cabinet, you're in luck. At-home arcade machine maker Arcade1Up has revealed its first full-sized arcade cabinet, featuring Rare's classic fighting game, Killer Instinct.The machines tout a larger 19-inch screen, as opposed to the 17-inch...
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    Propnight Is a New Multiplayer Horror That Crosses Dead By Daylight With Goosebumps

    Beloved horror novelist R. L. Stine is best known for two long-running book series; Fear Street and Goosebumps. Where Fear Street can be grisly and gory, Goosebumps tames and reinvents horror tropes for a younger audience. If Dead by Daylight is Fear Street, then, Propnight is Goosebumps. Its...
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