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    Microsoft is Making Its Own Metaverse

    Worried that Facebook will keep the much-hyped metaverse all to itself? Microsoft has something to say about that. The tech giant announced during its Ignite conference that it's building its version of the metaverse, with a big focus on work and corporate applications, Bloomberg reports...
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    Leaked Videos Appear To Offer the First Glimpse Of Facebook's Oculus Pro

    New leaks from Oculus appear to show a first look at the rumored Oculus Pro VR headset, The Verge reports.Videos and images from the servers of Facebook, which owns Oculus, first leaked to Reddit before being downloaded by The Verge. The videos show CG characters interacting with a new...
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    Facebook Will Reportedly Change Its Company Name to Embrace the Metaverse

    Facebook is reportedly planning to change its name in an effort to reflect its work building the "metaverse," The Verge reports, citing a source familiar with the matter.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly plans to announce the name change at the company's Connect conference on October...
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