1. Admin

    Pride Run Interview: Why it’s a celebration open to everyone

    A couple of months back we had a chance to sit down with IV productions, the studio behind Pride Run, at Gamescom in Cologne. Ivan Venturi (CEO & Game Director), Giacomo Guccinelli (Art Director) and Mauro Copeta (Music & FX director) talked us through their colourful new creation and what the...
  2. Admin

    There’s a Final Fantasy for everyone and here’s why

    The Final Fantasy series dates back all the way to 1987, a time before the internet, a time before graphics cards, and a time when ‘Final Fantasy’ did genuinely seem like it would be the last game in the series. There’s been a whole slew of Final Fantasy games since then, with fifteen in the […]...
  3. J


    last night I build a base with my friend which took like 5 hours of my busy life and right before we got off gunspanda and one other guy teleported into our base and deleted everything. the next morning everyone said they got banned but everyone who lost all there stuff just got ignored by everyone
  4. »Smanly«

    Suggestion Petition to Run a Legitimate RP Server

    I know I'm not alone on this, but this constant the KOS is getting pretty old. If I wanted to have the same experience as I am having now, I would launch DayZ. It wouldn't be all that bad if there were only a couple of guys that went around aimlessly killing random naked dudes, but when the king...
  5. Admin

    MINECON 2015

    Hey everyone!I’ve been getting a lot of questions about MINECON lately, because before this time last year everyone knew the date and location and ticket info for MINECON 2013. While we don’t have a set date for the next MINECON just yet, I wanted to let everyone know that it won’t be until...
  6. C

    Leaving and Resigning

    Dear all,After much deliberation, I have decided it is time to bid you all fairwell. I am resigning as Mediator and leaving Aggression. After over a year, I have finally become bored of minecraft. Making bases, PVPing and all the rest just isn't as fun as it once was. Also, I need to start...