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    Xbox Nail Polish Unlocks Halo and Forza Horizon Cosmetics

    A new partnership between Xbox and nail polish brand OPI is set to launch that will allow you to unlock in-game skins for both Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 that match your real-life cosmetics.Announced on the Xbox Blog, the OPI x Xbox collection will include twelve different nail polish...
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    Ringu Is Dead By Daylight's Latest Horror Collaboration

    Sadako Yamamura, better-known as that very creepy girl from Ringu, is invading Dead by Deadlight as part of the franchise's later horror collaboration.Announced earlier today, the new collaboration will be based on Koji Suzuki's novel and the original film adaptation. It will "merge the...
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    Sonic Collaboration Coming to Monster Hunter Rise Has Been Revealed

    The Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration coming to Monster Hunter Rise has been revealed by Capcom in a brand new trailer.Monster Hunter Rise has seen a number of free DLC updates over the past few months that have looked to combine the world of Monster Hunter with other gaming franchises. In its...
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    Prices for Fortnite's Collaboration With Fashion Brand Balenciaga Will Make Your Eyes Water

    Epic Games is no stranger to a Battle Royale-based collaboration, but prices for its latest clothing line deal with luxury fashion brand Balenciaga are likely to make even diehard Fortnite fans' eyes water.The Fortnite x Balenciaga collaboration features a number of in-game cosmetics that...
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