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    TeamSpeak server updated to 3.12.1

    Clients do not need to do anything as long as they are runnign client version 3.3.2 or above.Original post from TeamSpeak
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    TeamSpeak updated to 3.10.0

    Our TeamSpeak server has been updated to 3.10.0, hopefully all our users will see improved performance while using the server.BETA FEATURE : the server supports IPv6 connections at 2001:41d0:800:1f6c::We are pleased to announce that our TeamSpeak Server version 3.10.0 has left the Beta...
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    Overwatch 2 will eventually be merged into one client with the original game

    The recently announced Overwatch 2 is coming, and with it, you’ll find new characters and most importantly all-new co-op modes that test your skills against the game’s AI. There’s probably a lot more to be unveiled as we approach its release, the game is still very early in development, but Jeff...
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    How to Update to the TeamSpeak 3 Client Beta

    Press Tools => Options.Select the Application tab on the left hand side of the window that appears.Change the Update Channel drop down to Beta.Press Apply and then OK to close the TeamSpeak options window.After you have pressed OK, select Help at the top of the main TeamSpeak Window...