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    Halo Infinite Developer 343 Industries Is 'Focused on Reducing Pricing' for In-Game Items

    343 Industries has confirmed that it is gearing up to make some changes to Halo Infinite's in-game store, including reducing prices, improving bundles, putting individual items outside of certain bundles, and much more.343's Head of Design Jerry Hook shared the news on Twitter, saying that...
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    Diablo II Set to Receive its First Balance Patch & Content Update in 12 Years

    Activision Blizzard is currently facing serious ongoing allegations of harassment and mistreatment of marginalized workers. To learn more, please visit our timeline as well as our in-depth report on the subject.Diablo II’s last meaningful balance-focused patch arrived on March 23, 2010. That...
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    Halo Infinite Developers Will Continue to Tweak Controversial Progression System

    343 Industries' Head of Design has said that the development team at the studio will continue to tweak Halo Infinite's controversial progression system, with fan complaints continuing to mount.Jerry Hook, the Head of Design at 343, took to Twitter over the weekend to comfort fans by saying...
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    Apex Legends Season 11 - Escape: New Gameplay Details Including Ash Abilities, New Map, New Gun

    Apex Legends Season 11 Escape is right around the corner and we’re getting a lot of new content. From the biggest map, Respawn has released for Apex Legends yet, to a new weapon and Legend coming into the games.There is a lot to take in, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Let’s go over...
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    Alan Wake Remastered Differences and Changes – Everything You Need To Know

    Arguably one of the spookiest and most inventive survival horror efforts of 2012, Alan Wake returns to PC and modern consoles with a whole new coat of paint in Alan Wake Remastered. As with any remaster, however, it begs the question – just what are the Alan Wake Remastered differences and...
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    World of Warcraft Shadowlands – Class Changes

    Every World of Warcraft expansion features significant class changes, and Shadowlands will be more drastic than most. With the whole game’s levelling structure receiving a complete overhaul and many spells and abilities receiving similar attention, World of Warcraft Shadowlands will be a...
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    Overwatch to introduce sweeping changes to matchmaking

    Blizzard have announced huge changes to the way matchmaking and role switching functions in Overwatch. The Role Queue system will lock players into choosing specific roles in a 2-2-2 system, meaning the team will comprise of two tanks, two supports, and two DPS heroes. It seems this is a step...
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    Old School FPS Ion Maiden Changes Name After Iron Maiden File Lawsuit

    You may remember back in May when we wrote about the standoff between 3D Realms and metal band Iron Maiden over the studio’s upcoming game, Ion Maiden.The post Old School FPS Ion Maiden Changes Name After Iron Maiden File Lawsuit appeared first on Green Man Gaming Blog.Continue reading...
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    Minecraft snapshot 15w40b

    UPDATE: Version 15w40b is now available and it fixes the problem that it wasn’t possible to connect to servers.This weeks snapshot brings some further changes to mob AI. We’ve sprayed every single cactus with animal repellant and hopefully this should keep your pets out of danger just a little...
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    Announcing Minecraft name changes

    Yes, it’s true! In the near future you will be able to change your Minecraft in-game name.When? When! When?! We plan to make name changing available on February 4th.What do I need to do this? Will it cost money? The only thing you need is a Mojang account. If you currently sign in to...
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    SameTeem Changelog 29/09/2013

    - New theme - A few more arcade games. - An updated home page with TeamSpeak connect link/statistics. - Tapatalk added for mobile users.
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    Minecraft Snapshot 14w02b

    Update: A ‘b’ snapshot has been released to fix lots of crashes!The first snapshot of Minecraft 1.8 has arrived! This update will be split into two primary focuses: Survival gameplay & improvements, and new fancy abilities for adventure maps! We’ve done a whole bunch of optimizing for both the...