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    Fearsome fixes! Changelog 0.15.10 for Pocket / Win 10

    Hello! The 0.15.10 update for Pocket and Windows 10 Edition slunk out during the dark hours of the night, bringing with it the chilling Campfire Tales skin pack and squishing a fair few bugs.We’ve been having a few issues distributing the special MINECON skins and associated capes. They are...
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    Fantastic! Changelog 0.15.8 for Pocket / Win 10 appears!

    The furnaces have been burning late into the night over at the great Binary Tree that is home to the Pocket Edition coding elves, the hungry blue flames dancing ever higher with each shovelful of untempered C++ ore that is thrust within. Soon, using words and signs unthinkable to mortal kind...
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    SameTeem Changelog 29/09/2013

    - New theme - A few more arcade games. - An updated home page with TeamSpeak connect link/statistics. - Tapatalk added for mobile users.