1. Admin

    Splitgate Devs Say Their Game Will Have Forge Mode Before Halo Infinite

    1047 Games says that its popular first-person portal-based shooter Splitgate will incorporate a take on Forge mode before Halo Infinite.In response to a tweet from @KFCGaming asking its community to "trigger an entire gaming fanbase with one sentence," the official Splitgate account responded...
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    5 Essential Things To Know Before Starting Fall Guys

    By now you will be aware of the multiplayer party battle royale juggernaut known as Fall Guys. Showcased at various gaming events around the world before launching into a hugely successful beta, the official release resulted in a staggering 1.5 million players logging on within the first 24...
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare like you’ve never seen before

    Call of Duty gets a lot of stick for never really innovating or changing year to year, the thing is, that’s not really fair. The unique three studio yearly cycle means that changes come through somewhat sporadically, but they always come through. Call of Duty’s Past Does not Define its Future...
  4. Berkay

    Accepted Reign of kings sameteem whitelist waiting

    IGN:Vigilante Have you played our server before? Not any whitelist but just open | steamname:Vigilante | steam3ID:U:1:62511040 | steamID32:STEAM_0:0:31255520 | steamID64:76561198022776768 | customURL: | steamrep...