1. Admin

    Dread Hunger Is a PvP Adventure That Will Put Your Friendships to the Test

    Whether I was plotting the deaths of my fellow crewmates via occult magic or killing my ally out of fear that they’d betray me, Dread Hunger never allowed me to feel at ease – but in a good way. As I worked with my teammates to navigate an explorer’s ship past icebergs and through chilling...
  2. Admin

    DokeV Pivoted From MMORPG to Open-World Action-Adventure, But It Will Still Have Multiplayer

    When DokeV got its latest new trailer at the recent PlayStation Showcase, some people (including us!) were initially confused. The game had originally been marketed as an MMORPG, but now all its messaging called it an "open-world action-adventure." No massive multiplayer online elements in...
  3. Admin

    Be a bear, or duel a dragon!

    Surprise! If you’re a Realms subscriber on the PC edition of Minecraft, you’ve got some new content today. Releasing a bunch of Halloween experiences last week caused some build-up in the launch tubes, and so we already have four snazzy, new maps for you to dig into. Let’s get started! A Giant...
  4. Josrence

    Adventure Series BoN - The Shelter - Adventure/Puzzle map

    Player 2 and I are working on a multiplayer adventure/puzzle map for MC. If you've ever played Escapecraft or any adventure maps before for Minecraft, it's like that. This one comes with a special texture pack and everything, and is designed for multiple players. Puzzles begin as simple quick...