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    What Do The Game Awards Look Like in the Metaverse?

    What does it mean to hold gaming's biggest annual awards show in the metaverse?That's a question Geoff Keighley has been puzzling over since 2019 when he partnered with JJ Abrams to tease a new Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker clip at The Game Awards. This clip then debuted within Fortnite just...
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    Werewolves Within: Adapting a Mafia-style Party Game into a film (Interview w/ Sam Richardson)

    "IGN's Michael Swaim interviews actor/producer Sam Richardson (Veep) about his new film Werewolves Within. They discuss Sam's experiences Werewolves Within started as a mafia-style party game in VR. Now, it's the first independently produced film from Ubisoft.Continue reading...
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    GhostWire: Tokyo Is the Next Game From The Evil Within Developers - E3 2019

    A new game from the makers of The Evil Within was announced at E3.Continue reading...