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    Aussie Deals: $200 Off Logitech Wheels, Cheap Battlefield Triple Packs, and More!

    There's never been a better time to get your leadfoot on. If that's your jam, best veer on over to The Good Guys with their whopping 40% discount on Logitech's thoroughly decent Driving Force range of steering wheels. I'd also like to earmark a very reasonably priced Battlefield triple pack...
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    Aussie Deals: Lit Deals for Hot Wheels, Ride 4, 80% Off Worms, and More!

    In order to understand today's picks, a quick news wrap up is required. First of all, apparently Ride 4 running on PS5 in first-person mode is sheer, photo-realistic terror. Also, Hot Wheels Unleashed is out and has proven to be quite a sleeper hit arcade racing experience (9/10 review here)...
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    Hot Wheels Unleashed Review

    Perhaps best described as a head-on collision between an itty-bitty Burnout and a tiny Trackmania Turbo, Hot Wheels Unleashed is an endearing arcade stunt racer that feels great and looks absolutely remarkable. With tracks creatively weaved through lavishly detailed, life-sized environments, and...