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    Halo: Infinite Will Hold Two Multiplayer Weekend Tests Back-to-Back

    Halo: Infinite will hold two more multiplayer tech previews with the first one starting this weekend. The latest Inside Infinite has been published on the Halo website with details on the upcoming tests.A Halo: Infinite test will take place at select times from Thursday, September 23 to...
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    Gears 5 Technical Test Kicks Off This Weekend For Gold Subscribers

    The Coalition’s latest Gears of War title is fast approaching and looks to reboot the series with a host of new characters and modes. The technical test is ready to play if you’re subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, but now anyone with an Xbox Live Gold subscription can join in on the gory action...
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    5 reasons to play Rainbow Six: Siege during its free weekend

    Rainbow Six: Siege has gone from strength to strength, and now as it enters its fourth year, it’s time for another free weekend. >>PLAY HERE FOR FREE NOW<<< That’s right, between the 6th and 9th of June you can play Rainbow Six: Siege for the grand price of nothing. If you want to keep it, […]...
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    From Abberz over teamspeak (An MC game):Will either be this weekend or the next weekend depending on if we get enough people for this weekend.Gamemode- Attack/DefendDefenders- Get 1 hour to build defences before the attack starts.Attackers- Use time to plan and make weapons/tools...