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    Microsoft is Making Its Own Metaverse

    Worried that Facebook will keep the much-hyped metaverse all to itself? Microsoft has something to say about that. The tech giant announced during its Ignite conference that it's building its version of the metaverse, with a big focus on work and corporate applications, Bloomberg reports...
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    Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual Gameplay Trailer

    Sam and Max challenge you to escape from their puzzle-filled rooms in Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual.Continue reading...
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    2020 The Year For Virtual Reality?

    For many – myself included, virtual reality has always been an interesting concept, one that has some good ideas and fun games. But there seems to be this overriding feeling that VR has a lack of system sellers. That killer app hasn’t seemed to be there to be able to really draw more players in...
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    How Nintendo is “Changing The Game” by Merging Virtual Fun With Physical Activity

    Ever since the company’s establishment in 1889, Nintendo has been innovating in the games space. From playing cards to motion controls, Nintendo is known as the main publisher in games that captures the wistful childlike wonder of play, and in 2019 it’s plans are only becoming more experimental...