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    Disciples: Liberation Review

    A tactical RPG adventure, Disciples: Liberation is a fun outing in a fantasy world that puts you in the shoes of a classic RPG protagonist with special powers, a motley crew of companions, and a bone to pick with fate... then just keeps escalating the stakes further than you'd ever expect them...
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    Age of Empires 4: The Final Preview

    The first word that comes to mind having played around a dozen hours of Age of Empires 4's stress test is "familiar." In almost every way that matters, it's more like a ground-up remake of Age of Empires 2 with modern graphics and a much better user experience, which isn't necessarily a bad...
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    Monster Hunter World Has Shipped 13 Million Units

    Capcom’s Monster Hunter series procured a loyal cult following over the past decade, with numerous home console and handheld releases keeping memories of the series fond in the minds of many. Now its big mainstream release has broached 13 million units sold.The post Monster Hunter World Has...