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    The Best Ghost Of Tsushima Armor Sets

    In Ghost of Tsushima, success is governed by more than just how good you are with a blade or bow. Certainly depending on your playstyle, wearing the best armor that you can find will bolster Jin’s prospects greatly in his attempt to overthrow the Mongol invasion of Tsushima. To speed things up...
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    Ghost of Tsushima Map Size – Just How Big Is The Game?

    A sprawling open world action adventure that encompasses the entirety of the real world Japanese island of Tsushima, Ghost of Tsushima unfolds across three acts. In total size, Ghost of Tsushima is perhaps more closely comparable to a similar open world effort such as Far Cry 5. More than just a...
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    Ghost of Tsushima – Gameplay, Release Date, Editions

    The Ghost of Tsushima release date is quickly approaching. Set on the stunning island of Tsushima this action-adventure game looks to set a new bar for the open-world adventure game. Here is everything we know about the Samurai inspired title. What is Ghost of Tsushima Set in the late 13th...