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    Halo Infinite Multiplayer Event Returns Today, With Updated Progression

    Halo Infinite multiplayer's Fracture: Tenrai event returns today, so Spartans once again have a chance to earn the samurai-themed Yoroi Armor Core and its many add-ons. Following player feedback, the event looks a little different this time, as developer 343 Industries has addressed some of the...
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    Here are the best superhero games you can play today

    Superhero games. Once a laughing stock of the early video game era, now a major player with all of the biggest developers and publishers vying for their licenses. The debate between what actually are the best superhero video games will no doubt continue for years to come. A major aspect of that...
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    Minecraft VR coming to Oculus Rift today!

    How’s your face? Is it ready? Is it ready to have Minecraft right up in it? It’d better be: today we’re releasing a FREE update to Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta which will enable you to play Minecraft on Oculus Rift. Win 10 players just need to download the bespoke launcher from the Oculus...
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    Double DLC coming to consoles today!

    Hello! I’m happy to announce that two pieces of DLC are landing on all console editions of Minecraft today! Grasp your digital wallet and prepare for purchase! First up, there’s Battle Map Pack 2. This competitive bundle includes three maps created exclusively for the Battle mini-game -...
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    What’s up with today?

    The perceptive among you might have noticed the intimidating camera flash on, followed by punchy message from Reset The Net. Here’s an explanation of what’s going on… I am extremely confused! A year ago today it was revealed that the NSA (National Security Agency) and GCHQ...