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    It Takes Two Is Getting an Adaptation for the Big and Small Screens

    Fans of It Takes Two can look forward to seeing more of its world and characters in upcoming adaptations for film and television. Variety reports that It Takes Two developer Hazelight Studios has partnered with dj2 Entertainment to work on potential projects featuring last year's breakout hit...
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    How Lost Changed TV Fandom Forever

    IGN has officially been around for two and a half decades, and has borne witness to a lot of monumental shifts in video game and entertainment culture in that time. To celebrate our lengthy tenure on this earth, IGN's 25th Anniversary Feature series will hone in on these shifts, and the movies...
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    Top 10 moments in film and television that gamers will recognise

    Games are a very unique, yet young medium. The result is that the inter-medium trend we tend to think of is the liberal borrowing of cinematic techniques by the triple-A games industry. That’s all starting to change. Although we haven’t historically had the highest quality translations of gaming...