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    Fallout 76 now has a subscription model

    It’s fair to say that Fallout 76 has had a rocky road so far, but after a few updates – which you can check out on their roadmap – it seems to be holding steady and much of the poor reception for the game has faded away.The post Fallout 76 now has a subscription model appeared first on Green...
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    Warner Brothers say subscription services won’t replace traditional models

    The gaming industry has recently been on a wave of announcing streaming products and services. With Microsoft, Google, and others all developing their own streaming platforms, it may seem that the future of gaming lies with a subscription service, rather than buying games individually for a...
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    E3 2019: Ubisoft enters subscription arena with UPlay+

    At its E3 press conference, Ubisoft announced that it is preparing to launch its own PC-only subscription service, entitled UPlay+, which will grant gamers access to an ever-growing roster of Ubisoft PC games of the past and future.The post E3 2019: Ubisoft enters subscription arena with...
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    Ubisoft Announces Uplay+ Subscription Service for PC - E3 2019

    Ubisoft will soon offer a Game Pass-style subscription service for Uplay.Continue reading...
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    Realms price drop! Free trials!

    Hello!It seems the holiday spirit has gotten the best of us. We’re reducing the price of Minecraft Realms, and offering free 30-day trials to anyone who hasn’t previously owned a Realm.I don’t know what Realms is! I am confusedRealms is a safe, simple way to enjoy an online Minecraft...