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    How To Play Star Wars Squadrons Co-Op

    It can be lonely in space, but in Star Wars Squadrons co-op modes you don’t need to face space alone. You can take up to four friends in Star Wars Squadron’s multiplayer co-op modes, forming your very own mini squadron as you battle through the stars. Remember; in space no-one can hear you...
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    Star Wars Squadrons: System requirements, Crossplay, Trailers

    If you’ve always dreamed of taking part in virtual Star Wars dogfights in the cockpit of a fully simulated starfighter, then boy does EA have a treat for you. Star Wars Squadrons is a space combat game much like the old-school Rogue Squadron and X-Wing games. The game is being built for...
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    Everything you need to know about Star Wars: Squadrons

    Gratifying high-octane space combat, a vast array of pristine starfighters, and a single-player story which takes place through the eyes of both the Empire and the Republic? Sign me up! Where do I get my pilot’s license? Star Wars: Squadrons is the latest Star Wars game being developed by Motive...
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    Star Wars: Squadrons Ships: Every Starfighter Confirmed So Far

    An upcoming dogfighting epic in the vein of the classic Rogue Squadron games, Star Wars: Squadrons is a space flight simulator that sets out to place players in some of the most exciting ships in Star Wars history. The game is set after the events of the Battle of Endor, post-Return of the Jedi...