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    Skatebird's Cute Skateboarding Birds Are, Like All of Us, Just Trying Their Best

    Some games are inspired by the developer's deep, personal experiences. Others are sparked by real-world events, or love of other media. For Skatebird developer Megan Fox, it all began with a gif of a bird on a skateboard. Fox is a seasoned developer, having worked in AAA on LEGO Universe...
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    Skatebird Review

    One-part tiny Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and one-part Micro Machines, Skatebird is a little bit like a Photoshop Friday pun parody brought to life; it’s extremely small birds riding Tech Decks on small-scale stunt ramps scattered around a messy bedroom, plus various locations around an office...
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    SkateBIRD Trailer

    In SkateBIRD, pulling off tricks is nice, but doing your best is really all that matters. Grind, flip, and spin through stages while completing challenges to unlock fancy new gear, fresh fits, and secret mixtapes. The trailer reveals the release date of August 12th, 2021. Continue reading...