site udpates

  1. Admin

    Site updated to XenForo 2.1

    Hey guys,The site has been updated to XenForo 2.1, please report any bugs on the site here so they can be investigated and rectified.We have begun posting the files our servers use to our resources section at All of these files are used on our game servers, so...
  2. Wren

    Site updates

    We're completely revamping the site and adding new game servers so there may be a few bugs! We're smoothing them out.Once we're done we should have a much better server list, homepage and better site in general.
  3. Wren


    Credits on the site have been updated and reset. Theme is being messed with.
  4. W

    Small Changes

    I am making small forum changes over the next few weeks, this thread will list them for reference.-Changed CSS hierarchy for styling on BoN Staff/Moderating groups. Moderating is now "4" instead of "900" and BoN Staff is "5". This averts issues with people who have blue portraits also having...