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    Pokémon Game Sales in 2021 the Best for the Series Since Gold and Silver's Launch

    2021 was a great year to be a video game company, or at least it was if you had a big existing franchise to repackage and make tons of money off of. A surprising number of 2021's best-selling games were also best-selling games in 2020, and the rest were part of big, beloved franchises. Like...
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    Ghost of Tsushima's Director's Cut Release Made It One of the Best-Selling Games Last Month

    In July, Ghost of Tsushima was the 110th best-selling game by dollar sales in the US — not even worth a mention in a sales roundup. In August, thanks to the Director's Cut release, it shot up to No. 2. According to The NPD Group, it was second only to Madden NFL 22, which took the top spot in...