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    GTFO’s Rundown 004 – Contact

    GTFO, the horror-steeped first person shooter from Swedish studio 10 Chambers Collective, has just received its biggest update since its early access debut back in December 2019. A four player co-op action horror FPS that plays like some unholy hybrid of Left 4 Dead and Aliens, GTFO leverages a...
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    GTFO Rundown 3 – The Vessel

    GTFO Rundown 3 ‘The Vessel’ is here. The Left 4 Dead meets aliens hardcore co-op shooter has just evolved to bring players all new content to be terrified of. Firstly, if you’re unfamiliar with what a Rundown is, it’s essentially a fixed set of missions or expeditions given to you by the...
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    GTFO – What to expect from Rundown 2

    The 4 player hardcore co-op FPS GTFO is getting it’s first major update in the form of an entirely new Rundown. GTFO works by offering up time limited expeditions to play that take you further underground into the mysterious complex. With each new level you’ll face different objectives and...