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    Roblox Sues YouTuber For Posting 'False And Misleading Terrorist Threats'

    The Roblox Corporation has filed a lawsuit against Roblox content creator Benjamin Robert Simon a.k.a. Ruben Sim for leading a "cybermob" that, among other things, posts "false and misleading terrorist threats."As reported by Polygon, this lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, November 23 and alleges...
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    Roblox's Servers Are Down And Fans Are Blaming Chipotle

    Roblox is experiencing major server issues, and some fans are blaming Chipotle for the outage.A Roblox Status Twitter account said that as of last night, over 3 million players were impacted by the outage. The official Roblox account addressed the outage this morning, saying they are working...
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    Squid Game Knockoffs Are Blowing Up on Roblox

    One of the biggest shows currently on Netflix is the South Korean import Squid Game. Now fan-made Squid Game experiences are popping up all over Roblox.Squid Game was released on September 17 and has quickly become one of the most buzzed-about shows on Netflix, becoming the first South Korean...
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    Roblox Rolls Out ID-Based Age Verification Service

    As the Roblox community continues to grow, the Roblox Corporation has taken the decision to roll out an ID verification service to confirm users' ages. Currently operating on an opt-in basis, the developer says that its new service will not only signal a level of trust between users but also...