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    Psychonauts 2 Team Is Now Working on Multiple New Projects

    Psychonauts 2, Double Fine’s long-in-the-making sequel and one of the studio’s most critically-acclaimed games, was finally released this year. Now Double Fine is looking towards the future with multiple new projects in the works.“Psychonauts 2 has essentially wrapped up as a project although...
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    Psychonauts 2 - Developer Gameplay & Story Overview

    Tim Schafer gives you a look at the story of Psychonauts 2.Continue reading...
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    Psychonauts 2 - Release Date Trailer

    From Double Fine, see long-awaited platformer Psychonauts 2 in action in this release date trailer revealed during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. Psychonauts 2 is being released August 25. 2021, and will be available day one on Xbox Game Pass.Continue reading...
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    Tim Schafer Talks Psychonauts 2 & Reviews 5 Famous Psychics

    Tim Schafer talks Psychonauts 2, and what famous psychics would make great super psychic spies!Continue reading...