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    Lambert House D&D Pride Special Livestream

    If there's one thing you should always remember in the Forgotten Realms, it's your anniversary. Join Dungeon Master Kate Welch, Jeremy Crawford, Trystan Falcone, Omega Jones, AJ Lamarque, and Anthony Rapp for The C Team's Pride Special on Wednesday, June 9th at 4pm PT as they help Walnut...
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    Celebrate Geek Pride day with these 6 video game in-Jokes

    Games have transcended the simple act of being entertainment to the realms of art, and even culture. It is theorised video games have been around in some form since as early as the 50s but it has had a hold over our collective heart since it really entered the mainstream in the 70s. Well, today...
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    Pride Run Interview: Why it’s a celebration open to everyone

    A couple of months back we had a chance to sit down with IV productions, the studio behind Pride Run, at Gamescom in Cologne. Ivan Venturi (CEO & Game Director), Giacomo Guccinelli (Art Director) and Mauro Copeta (Music & FX director) talked us through their colourful new creation and what the...
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    Green Man Gaming Publishing Celebrates Pride Spirit with new game Pride Run

    Green Man Gaming has announced that it will publish Pride Run, developed by IV Productions, a rhythm game which recreates the unique vibe of LGBTQ+ Pride parades.The post Green Man Gaming Publishing Celebrates Pride Spirit with new game Pride Run appeared first on Green Man Gaming Blog...
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    Mojang proud to stride at Pride

    Last Saturday, Mojang was delighted to take part in Stockholm’s annual Pride parade - an amazing trundling carnival that this year braved both the burning sun and torrential rain to raise awareness for LGBT+ issues and promote free gender expression, love and equality. It was very cool and we...