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    PUBG: Battlegrounds Free-to-Play Review - 2022

    It’s been nearly five whole years since the pioneering PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds first appeared on Steam and popularized the idea of pitting 100 players against each other until only the best (or last) among them survives. Since then, the original battle royale has been locked in a fight for...
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    Dota 2's The International Tournament 2021 In-Person Event Cancelled Due to COVID-19

    Due to the rising COVID-19 rates in Romania, Valve has made the decision to cancel the in-person event for Dota 2's The International 2021 tournament and will instead host a digital-only event.Valve shared the news in a blog, confirming that all ticket sales will be refunded for those who...
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    World War Z: Aftermath’s New First-Person Mode Is Bloody Impressive

    If there’s one thing that could improve the experience of watching hundreds of bloodthirsty zombies run towards me in a frenzy, it just might be doing so from a first-person perspective rather than third. Seeing hordes of the undead throw themselves off ledges right at me or piling themselves up...
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    Cyberpunk 2077: first-person cut-scenes, weapon types detailed

    CD Projekt Red has continued its drip-feed of Cyberpunk 2077 information, revealing that the vast majority of the RPG’s cut-scenes will take place from a first-person perspective, and discussing the three main types of weapons in the game.The post Cyberpunk 2077: first-person cut-scenes...