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    The Initiative Is Teaming Up With Crystal Dynamics to Develop the New Perfect Dark Game

    The Initiative has announced that it will be partnering with Marvel's Avengers and Tomb Raider's Crystal Dynamics to develop the upcoming reboot of Perfect Dark.The Initiative shared the news on Twitter, saying that the two teams "couldn't pass up a chance to work together.""Perfect Dark...
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    Destiny 2: 5 Reasons Why It’s The Perfect Time To Jump In

    Destiny 2 has launched into a new era, with the latest expansion, Shadowkeep, the beginning of the new Season of the Undying, and most importantly for new players, it’s free to play the base game. All this means that there are big changes afoot for Bungie’s superstar shooter, but why should you...
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    10 reasons why World of Warcraft Classic is perfect for new players

    World of Warcraft Classic is just days away, a portal back in time to the early days of the massively multiplayer juggernaut. Blizzard have taken World of Warcraft right back to a time before expansions, before Worgen, before Pandas. A simpler time, a classic time. Obviously nostalgia’s a huge...