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    Payday 3 Will Be Set in a 'Living, Enormous' New York City

    After years of waiting, Payday fans finally have some new info on Payday 3. Publisher Starbreeze Studios and developer Overkill Software revealed some new details during the Payday 10th Anniversary livestream event.Payday 3 will take place in a "living, enormous representation" of New York...
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    Payday 2: The Best Payday 2 Mods

    Payday 2 already gives you a huge amount of leeway in how you approach heists. You can go in guns blazing or take a stealthier approach as you try to liberate scores across Washington DC with your co-op partners. With the ability to mod the game, Payday 2 opens itself up to being changed in […]...
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    Payday 2 Stealth & Loud Builds

    Your ultimate goal in Payday 2 is to pull off a perfect heist. Whether that be by going in loud or taking things slowly and making use of stealth there are numerous ways to get that loot. Picking the right combination of perks and skills will be important for either of these approaches and we’re...