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    Oxenfree 2 Finds Clever Ways to Expand the Series’ Intriguing World

    There was something quite special about the original Oxenfree. Night School Studio’s walk-and-talk adventure game lets players uncover the mysteries of Edwards Island, fall for (or be sassy to) its ensemble cast of characters, and make plenty of dialogue choices along the way as things got...
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    Netflix Just Acquired the Award-Winning Studio Behind Oxenfree

    Netflix big foray into games is now underway in earnest, and one of its first major acquisitions is a darling from the indie space. In a blog post on its official site, Night School Studio announced it would be bringing its adventure game expertise to the streaming service. "Night School...
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    Oxenfree Is Getting Updates Five Years After Launch Tied to Oxenfree II

    If longtime fans of Oxenfree have thought about jumping back into the adventure on PC before Oxenfree II's release next year, they might be surprised to find some radio transmissions they didn't find the first time around. And if you're one of those players, don't worry - you're not forgetting...