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    First Impressions of Lineage2M from the Beta

    After hours fiddling around with the character creator, equipment menus, and wandering the vast, seamless open world of Lineage2M’s beta; this MMORPG has left quite the impression that left us yearning for more when the game launches globally December 2, 2021.MIGHTY ON MOBILEThe Beta was...
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    Valve's Official Steam Teardown Gives Us a Detailed Look At the New Portable Device's Innards

    Valve has uploaded an official teardown of its Steam Deck, two months before the portable gaming console is released.The roughly five-minute video is a walkthrough on how to not only open up the Steam Deck but how to replace the thumbsticks and SSD included with the handheld. Despite being an...
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    Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Dates Announced

    EA has revealed the dates for its upcoming Battlefield 2042 open beta and it begins next week.More specifically, you'll be able to jump (or perhaps, wingsuit glide) onto the battlefield from October 6 through October 9. Anybody interested can simply download the beta and play.Alongside the...
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    Cobalt team reveal first official mod & new controls

    Holy moly! Those busy bees at Oxeye Studios have been rebuilding their amazing robot-blastin’ game, Cobalt, improving the engine and redesigning the controls to accommodate mouse-aim and WASD. That would be enough by itself, but they’ve also repurposed Cobalt’s core to create a massive, new...