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    Lost Ark: What We Think After the First 20 Levels

    If you’re a reasonably dedicated fan of ARPGs in the vein of Diablo, or you’re into story-driven MMORPGs like Final Fantasy 14 or Elder Scrolls Online, you may have already had your eye on the upcoming western release of Lost Ark, the MMO-slash-ARPG hybrid which (by no coincidence at all) has...
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    Aragami 2 Review

    Ninjas and the stealth genre are like PB&J sandwiches: even with stale bread, it's usually a mix powerful enough that it can overwhelm any unpleasant flavors — though Aragami 2 is the exception that proves that rule. This sleuthy third-person adventure is an utter delight when you're exploring...
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    I Am Fish Review

    I Am Fish is without a doubt the weirdest game I’ve played this year and appears to have been made by insane people. In other words, I really enjoyed it. It’s an intentionally frustrating physics-based platformer and a literal fish-out-of-water story that challenges you to overcome ridiculous...
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    Fall Guys – The Ultimate guide to all Game modes and levels

    We’ve given you our top 5 tips for beginners, and even ranked our favourite levels, so here’s a full guide to every single level and game mode in Fall guys Despite its twee aesthetic and premise, there’s actually a fair amount of depth in Fall Guys which reveals itself through its numerous modes...
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    A guide to Minecraft Dungeons Secret Levels

    Even though Minecraft Dungeons might seem like a fairly straightforward hack and slash effort on the surface, there are a number of secret levels, nooks and crannies that all help to provide the game with much more depth than one might initially assume. With that in mind then, we’ll be looking...