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    Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court: The First Preview

    I have long pictured my embattled monarchs in Crusader Kings 3 perched on some kind of fancy chair while the affairs of the realm are brought before them for consideration. With next year's Royal Court expansion, I won't have to imagine any more. We're getting full, 3D throne rooms for kings and...
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    Incredible Mod Turns Crusader Kings 3 and Mount & Blade 2 Into a Single Game

    A developer has created a very smart mod that turns Crusader Kings 3 and Mount & Blade 2 into a single game, allowing players to strategize in the former and battle inside the latter.For as much as Crusader Kings 3 does an impressive job at simulating the complex political and social...
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    Paradox Cancels 'Several' Unannounced Games to Focus on Its Proven Genres

    Paradox Interactive has stopped development on multiple unannounced games in an effort to put more resources into safer bets for the company's profits.The publisher announced the cancellations in a press release on Thursday. Paradox says they are still working on 15 new games including...
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    Crusader Kings 3 New Features

    After eight long years of playing Crusader Kings 2, stubborn grand strategy fans will be very pleased to learn that the game has received a brand spanking new sequel with a suite of new features to make the transfer between games peaceful, but interesting. Paradox Development Studios Crusader...
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    Crusader Kings 3 Character Creation Guide

    If you want to roleplay as a bearded wizard-king without carefully plotting congenital traits, you’re going to want to learn how to use the character creation systems in Crusader Kings 3. The third game in Paradox’s Grand Strategy trilogy does not yet feature a ruler designer, so your options...
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    Crusader Kings 3 – Setting, Gameplay, Release date

    Strategy giants Paradox are finally bringing fans a full Crusader Kings sequel on 1st Sept 2020. The historical grand strategy game is back and better than ever with more realms to discover, new nobles, royals, units and more. Crusader Kings 3 is set to be bigger and better than ever...