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    An introduction to Chiptune: How musicians turn retro game consoles into instruments

    Ah, the humble Gameboy. As well as revolutionising portable gaming, Nintendo’s wonder device provided us with such classics as Pokemon Yellow and Tetris and is so sturdy it’s known to have survived a Gulf War barracks bombings. Gameboy Beginnings The original Gameboy persists in the minds of...
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    The Game Master: Introduction & Dungeoneering

    Arguably, the most important role in any pen and paper roleplaying game is the Game Master; or whatever your game calls it. I’ve always found being a Game Master to be quite challenging, a real brain struggle, but, in the end, its self-rewarding and is worth every bit of effort you have put into...
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    Well I came here to introduce myself; and as many other forums I had expected that there'd be an introduction section. It appears no such thing exist, if I have been an idiot and skipped my apologies. I just think it'd be a nice function to have. So that was my suggestion, aaand... As...