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    Inscryption's 'Mini-Expansion' Kaycee's Mod Lets You Play its Roguelike Deckbuilder Endlessly

    Inscryption just got a surprise free "mini-expansion" available now in beta. Entitled Kaycee's Mod, it's effectively an endless version of the roguelike deckbuilder that's at the heart of Inscryption's first act. Kaycee's Mod effectively turns the cabin Inscryption takes place in into an...
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    Inscryption Review

    There’s a technique popular in classical music called variation: a composer will take a single melody or musical idea and explore it in many different ways, potentially twisting it into dozens of different styles and structures without the overall work ever getting repetitive or tiresome. While...
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    Inscryption Announcement Trailer

    A figure lurking in shadows challenges you to a game in the deckbuilding roguelike Inscryption. Announced at Devlover's MaxPass+ showcase, you must survive the creatures challenges and find solutions to the room's puzzles in this psychological horror PC game. Continue reading...