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    Ghostrunner Project_Hel DLC Officially Announced For 2022 Release

    Ghostrunner will be releasing a major new DLC expansion in early 2022, IGN can exclusively reveal. After teasing it as the "Ultimate DLC" last week, Ghostrunner's developers took the wraps off the new content today, revealing that it is a story-driven expansion featuring a major character from...
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    Ghostrunner Teases a Reveal of Its 'Ultimate DLC'

    Ghostrunner, the high-speed first-person action game, is teasing the announcement of 'The Ultimate DLC' – and you can sign up to play it in beta now.A new teaser includes a cryptic set of images that show a mixture of action, shots of a lab-like environment, and a stirring figure inside a...
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    Ghostrunner Nintendo Switch Physical Edition Trailer - Summer of Gaming 2021

    See what some critics are saying about the first-person cyberpunk parkour action game, Ghostrunner, which gets a physical edition for Nintendo Switch in NA in June 2021.Continue reading...
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    Ghostrunner: Abilities, Powers & Missions Overview

    The slick, fast-paced cyberpunk action game Ghostrunner release is imminent and it’s action packed gameplay based around speed, precision and momentum looks fantastic in motion. With its wonderful looking dystopian setting Ghostrunner looks like an excellent adventure. We’re going to take a look...
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    Everything you need to know about Ghostrunner

    It’s going to be a very cyberpunk heavy year with multiple releases encapsulating the ever-evolving genre. Cyberpunk 2077 being one of the most anticipated games of the year, however, games such as the upcoming Ghostrunner are set to earn your admiration too with interesting mechanics...