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    New Starfield Trailer Reveals the Game's Main Factions

    A new trailer for Starfield has revealed some of the main players that we’ll interact with on our journey through Bethesda’s galaxy, including two factions once engaged in a bloody war that sounds a little like Skyrim’s civil war conflict.The trailer is filled with not just information on the...
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    Total War Saga: Troy – All Playable Factions

    When we think of military campaigns there’s arguably none more famous than that of the siege of Troy. After many games seeing us wage war across medieval and Roman periods, shogunate Japan, and Napoleonic eras, it’s time to head back in time further than we’ve ever gone before. Back to ancient...
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    All Mount and Blade Bannerlord Factions

    Like Mount and Blade: Warband before it, Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is a world that is every bit defined by the factions that inhabit it. From the three pillars of the former unified Calradian Empire to the unrestrained savagery of the warriors of Battania, we fill you in on all the Mount...
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    Total War: Three Kingdoms Best Factions

    Total War Three Kingdoms takes its award-winning formula of turn-based strategy, empire-building and stunning real-time battles to ancient China. The lands are calling out for a new emperor to rule and bring about a new way of life. Total War Three Kingdoms factions are diverse, with each of the...
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    Age of Wonders: Planetfall Meet the Factions

    Age of Wonders: Planetfall is the latest in a string of intriguing-looking 4X strategy games. Traditionally, Age of Wonders has always been deeply rooted in high fantasy, elves, magic, dragons, that kind of thing. This time though, things are very different thanks to a more sci-fi focused...