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    Exploring Mortal Shell’s Lore and Story

    Mortal Shell is a rewarding and deep combat-driven RPG that features a story that seamlessly weaves itself into the dark world that surrounds you. Filled with lore and backstory, Mortal Shell builds a world that’s as tantalising as it is oppressive. Playing as the Foundling inhabiting a...
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    Exploring Mafia Definitive Editions Map vs. The Original

    The Mafia Definitive edition is just around the corner. With it being remade from the ground up, this Prohibition era action adventure game set in the fictional city of Lost Heaven is looking better than ever. Amidst all the visual upgrades the city of Lost Heaven itself has also undergone a few...
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    Exploring Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 isn’t a game famous for encouraging exploration, but its potent sense of place, background lore, and hidden secrets make combing through its zones more worthwhile than it first appears. Here’s our guide to some of Destiny 2’s locations, including their stories and what you’ll find...