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    5 Essential Things To Know Before Starting Fall Guys

    By now you will be aware of the multiplayer party battle royale juggernaut known as Fall Guys. Showcased at various gaming events around the world before launching into a hugely successful beta, the official release resulted in a staggering 1.5 million players logging on within the first 24...
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    GreedFall – How Spiders Have Crafted The Next Essential RPG

    After cutting its RPG teeth on Mars: War Logs before going onto make Bound by Flame and The Technomancer, French developer Spiders looks set to deliver its most epic odyssey to date with GreedFall. The sort of sprawling, spectacle stuffed open world adventure that you’d expect to emanate from...
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    Essential items for the traveling gamer

    Whether video games are your job or just a hobby, when you travel out of the country you need to make preparations. Whilst others can subsist on a diet of books and podcasts, long-haul flights also make for some mean gaming time, especially if you’re trying to catch-up on your RPG backlog. Even...