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    GTA Online's New Update Confirms Which Original GTA 5 Ending Is Canon

    This story contains minor spoilers for GTA Online's The Contract storyline.A new update to GTA Online has seemingly confirmed which of the Grand Theft Auto 5's three original endings is canon.As reported by Kotaku, GTA Online's latest update, The Contract, features dialogue that seems to...
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    Sekiro Endings – How Many Endings Does Sekiro Have?

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is built with replayability in mind and as such the game includes no less than four endings in order to keep players interested. The four endings that you can get in Sekiro are the Shura, Immortal Severance, Purification and Return endings, with each one requiring its...
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    Outlast 2 Endings Explained

    Outlast 2 is a tough game to complete and even tougher is piecing together what its ending means. After facing terrifying foes, mind-twisting signals, and religious cults in the harsh Arizona desert, Blake finally finds his wife Lynn. It’s from there that the game spirals into an ending that...
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    Metro Exodus – How Many Endings And How To Get Them

    Much like Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light before it, Metro Exodus doesn’t skimp when it comes to endings. In keeping the same tradition, there are two Metro Exodus endings – a good ending and a bad ending, both of which require specific conditions to be fulfilled in order to be unlocked...