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    Pearl Abyss Interview: Behind the Engine Powering Visually-Stunning Games Like DokeV

    If you think of high-end graphics, some names immediately come to mind: Epic, DICE, CryEngine. But as technology continues to disseminate across the world, more and more game studios in various global tech hubs are beginning to turn heads with their advancements in video game visuals.One such...
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    DokeV's Trailers Showed Less Than 10% of its Entire Open World

    Last month, we got a long look at DokeV, the open-world action-adventure game from the studio behind Black Desert Online that's full of monster catching, goofy minigames, and exploration of what sounds like quite a sizable open world.Speaking to IGN, lead producer Sangyoung Kim gave a rough...
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    In DokeV, the Dokebi Monsters Are for Far More Than Just Battling

    DokeV dazzled at the most recent PlayStation Showcase, where for four colorful minutes it demonstrated a large open world full of goofy monsters, like a bear with boxing gloves and rideable alpacas. But while it seems these monsters are in some fashion capturable and able to stand by the...
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    DokeV Pivoted From MMORPG to Open-World Action-Adventure, But It Will Still Have Multiplayer

    When DokeV got its latest new trailer at the recent PlayStation Showcase, some people (including us!) were initially confused. The game had originally been marketed as an MMORPG, but now all its messaging called it an "open-world action-adventure." No massive multiplayer online elements in...