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    Sony Is Reportedly Investing in Devolver Digital

    Sony is reportedly investing in Devolver Digital, the indie publisher behind the likes of Hotline Miami, Inscryption, and Death’s Door. According to a report from, Sony is set to make a 5% investment in the company. This follows the announcement that Devolver Digital has been...
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    Devolver Tumble Time Announcement Trailer

    Devolver Digital game characters come together in Devolver Tumble Time, a mobile puzzle game announced at Devolver's MaxPass+ showcase. Continue reading...
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    Devolver Digital at E3 2019: Roundup from the Conference

    Another year, another overly violent crazy presentation from the madness that is Devolver Digital. Changing up the narrative of their show this year they poked fun at the new trend of “direct marketing” livestreams that Nintendo and Sony have adopted. Honestly, there was very little in the way...
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    Devolver Bootleg - Television Commercial Trailer - E3 2019

    Devolver Bootleg contains eight original rip-offs of Devolver Digital games, including: Enter The Gun Dungeon, Hotline Milwaukee, Ape Out Jr., Shootyboots, Super Absolver Mini: Turbo Fighting Championship, Catsylvania, PikuBiku Ball Stars and Luftrousers. Continue reading...
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    The Insane Legacy of the Devolver Digital E3 Conference

    Devolver notoriously brings some crazy ridiculous shows to E3 and this year is no exception. Continue reading...
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    Devolver Digital: Big Fancy E3 2019 Press Conference

    Devolver Digital is back is back at it with an over the top, bloody press conference for E3 2019. Continue reading...