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    New Gameplay Details for Little Devil Inside Revealed - State of Play October 2021

    Little Devil Inside, a new game that was shown off when the PlayStation 5 was announced, and there's finally some new gameplay details.Ahead of the newest State of Play, PlayStation announced there would be a new, in-depth look at Little Devil Inside, an action-adventure game from the studio...
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    PlayStation State of Play Includes In-Depth Look at Little Devil Inside

    PlayStation has announced that the upcoming State of Play will include an in-depth look at Little Devil Inside.In a short teaser trailer on Twitter, PlayStation shared a glimpse of Little Devil Inside's world, showing a brief shot of a train station.Little Devil Inside was originally...
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    The Dark Pictures Season One Finale, The Devil in Me, Announced

    A video that plays at the end of the recently launched The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes has revealed The Devil in Me, the "season one finale" of Supermassive Games ' The Dark Pictures Anthology. This reveals not only what the next game in the anthology will be, but that the series will be split...
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    A meticulous analysis on the writing of ‘V’ from Devil May Cry 5

    Major spoilers for Devil May Cry 5 are contained within this article. Devil May Cry 5 excels at intertwining tremendously enjoyable gameplay with a world which emits a sense of ecstatic awe from us as we venture through the desolate hellscape which has grasped the city of Red Grave. Main...