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    Game Developer Accuses Real-Life Weapons Manufacturer of Stealing Its Gun Design... Twice

    The developers at indie studio Ward B really like designing fictional guns. The small team has been posting highly detailed weapon designs for its in-development game, Oceanic, since 2019. Crucial to the team’s work – and the small following around Oceanic’s development – is that while the...
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    DICE's Head of Design Fawzi Mesmar Leaves Company Following Battlefield 2042 Launch

    Fawzi Mesmar, DICE's head of design that worked on the Battlefield and Star Wars: Battlefront franchises, has decided to leave the company following the launch of Battlefield 2042.As reported by VGC, his departure was announced via an e-mail sent to DICE's staff, and it "revealed he'd been...
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    Clid The Snail Review

    Clid the Snail, a bizarre twin-stick shooter by the appropriately named developer Weird Beluga, makes a promising first impression with its odd setting and anthropomorphic character design. But it doesn’t take long for it to fall woefully short of its potential. Repetitive level design, muddy...
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    Xbox Design Lab 2021 Trailer

    The design lab is back for Xbox players to design their own controllers. Check out these Series X Controller new custom designs.Continue reading...
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    A beginner’s guide to learning video game music and sound design

    Perchance you’ve been following our monthly column on getting into game design, a holistic approach for beginners to dip their toes into the mystical world of game development. In October, we touched on picking your first engine to start experimenting in, and during November we gave you some...