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    Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronciles - The Final Preview

    CyberConnect2 has established itself as one of the best in the business when it comes to anime-to-video-game adaptations, with the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series standing tall as some of the most faithful and visually spectacular of that group, along with Dragon Ball Z Kakarot offering up an...
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    Demon Throttle Announcement Trailer

    A vampire and gunslinger team up in Demon Throttle to seek revenge in this physical-release only game by developer Doinksoft.Continue reading...
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    Demon’s Souls Bosses – What To Expect

    Perhaps more than any other aspect of Demon’s Souls exceptional design, it’s the numerous bosses that make up its roster of fearsome big bads that stand out the most. From the massively imposing spectacle of the Tower Knight to the jaw-dropping lava-bound Dragon God, we go through each boss in...
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    Demon’s Souls Vs Dark Souls – What’s The Difference?

    So here’s the thing – Demon’s Souls was the very first title that kicked off the whole Souls subgenre in the first place. Not only triggering the successive Dark Souls franchise, but also tipping everyone else off that making punishing, third-person action RPGs was indeed the thing to do. Fast...