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    In Case You Missed it #1 – BlizzCon news, “Content Creators should be treated differently”, Rules for minors in China

    There’s a lot of news out there so, we thought we’d help you stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of games. We’re bringing you a new weekly round-up of the stories that matter most straight from the Green Man Gaming Newsroom.The post In Case You Missed it #1 – BlizzCon news...
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    Cuphead Creators Delay DLC To Focus On Healthy, Sustainable Development

    The studio behind Cuphead, Studio MDHR, has delayed its hotly anticipated DLC to 2020 in order to preserve a sustainable development process. If you’ve beaten the game and were left begging for more, you’re probably wise to ‘The Delicious Last Course,’ a DLC pack that was initially planned for...