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    Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker 6.08 Patch Adds New Oceania Data Center, Class Buffs

    Final Fantasy 14’s Patch 6.08 is now live. Along with a bevy of balance updates for a lot of classes, the Oceania data servers are finally up-and-running.The 6.08 patch tackles two big points among the community, class balances and server congestion. The latter is tackled by the opening of a...
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    Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronciles - The Final Preview

    CyberConnect2 has established itself as one of the best in the business when it comes to anime-to-video-game adaptations, with the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series standing tall as some of the most faithful and visually spectacular of that group, along with Dragon Ball Z Kakarot offering up an...
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    The Green Man Gaming 2019 Summer Sale – COMBO TIME!

    No there isn’t a long series of buttons to press, and we’re not talking about a takeaway menu either, these Combos are just straight up, free games you can have with your purchase from the Green Man Gaming Summer Sale. If you’ve not caught up with how it all works you can head over to […]The...