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    Nioh 2 Best Builds

    It’s not long before you realise that success in Nioh 2 is down to more than just the abilities and gear that you wield. Instead, the only way to really excel in Nioh 2 is by embracing a character build that allows you to get the most out of your chosen play style while balancing […]The post...
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    The Best Hades Builds

    Supergiant’s Hades is an incredibly addicting roguelite which burst onto the scene back in December 2018. Despite enjoying a very iterative and exciting early access period, it feels like the game has only enjoyed even more great success upon its 1.0 release on September 17, 2020. The game is...
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    Payday 2 Stealth & Loud Builds

    Your ultimate goal in Payday 2 is to pull off a perfect heist. Whether that be by going in loud or taking things slowly and making use of stealth there are numerous ways to get that loot. Picking the right combination of perks and skills will be important for either of these approaches and we’re...
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    Borderlands 3 Best Character Builds

    When it comes to the Borderlands 3 best character builds we have your back. Though having more weapons than you can count obviously helps, it’s only when you properly optimise the skill trees for your Borderlands 3 character builds that you can properly fill out the roles needed to succeed at...
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    Help Aggravate Out :D

    So I stopped playing LoL when they released Rumble, but I might start playing a bit more frequentlysoon, the only problem is that I have no idea what to expect from the new champions in terms of builds / counter builds, sure I could figure this out myself but I have you guys to help me :).If...