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    2K Wanted BioShock on Phones, Here's How One Dev Team Pulled it Off

    The mid to late 2000s featured a particularly prevalent trend of extending a game’s reach by porting it to as many platforms as possible, regardless of whether or not those platforms were a good fit. Games like Need for Speed: Most Wanted, 007: Quantum of Solace, and Cars 2, alongside so many...
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    An Attempt to Make Sense of the GeForce Now Leak

    A recent “leak” that occurred Monday seemed to indicate that a lot of unannounced titles and anticipated sequels were on the way and also coming to PC.It featured word of PC ports for previously console-exclusive titles and more, too. As first spotted on Reddit, software developer Ighor July...
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    What should we expect from the next BioShock?

    The BioShock series is one of remarkable renown, effortlessly enrapturing players with a myriad of unique philosophical narrative, one-of-a-kind settings, outstanding music, and exhilarating gameplay which excels at giving the player choice and freedom. A new BioShock is now on the horizon and...